Meet the team

Proficiently-trained and carrying fifteen years of experience in Ayurvedic therapy, our team is led under the capable direction of Dr. Sudesh Walia, Director of Ayurvedic Services Center.

The treament programs are designed and headed by our resident doctor, Dr.Sudesh Walia(BASM, Panchakarma ) overseeing a team of 4 trained Ayurvedic therapists.

SudeshWalia-OwnerSudesh Walia

Originally from New Delhi, Sudesh moved to Kenya in the 1970s to pursue a career as a grade school teacher, a position from which she promptly rose to School Principle, leading the establishments she headed to National academic achievements. Having taken numerous safaris as a resident of Kenya, her for love travel and connection to nature inspired her to establish her own safari company to which she brought her natural leadership skills and passion for holistic wellness getaways in the Kenyan wilderness. A well-known and respected philanthropic figure, Sudesh Walia lives in Nairobi and advocates community spirit through her active involvement in the local Rotary International Chapter. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Nairobi, the oldest and largest club in the district, where she has served as President (2003-04).

“When it comes to investing, we tend to invest in our business, work, family, friends and almost everybody else. We fail to recognize the importance of investing in ourselves.  A healthy and positive mind lives only in a healthy body. Meditation brings focus to the mind. The concentration improves. All these are paths to a healthy body and mind. Ask: What good shall I be to anyone if I am not good to myself ? I have to do good, to be good, to others which may be with my family, Staff, in Rotary and the Community at large.”

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.)

Areas of Specialization

Panchakarma: With focus on Rejuvenation, Spinal disorders, musculoskeletal disorders marma chikitsa, metabolic syndrome, metabolic disorders, Menopausal issues, Stress, Depression management, Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and education,Pediatric ,Gynecology and Maternity,Skin disorders  and ENT.


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