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13th May, 2021

My name is James Maina.

I came to the Ayurveda Clinic having a number of issues. Mostly draining fatigue lack of focus… Foggy brain… Insomnia. Aching joints and a host of other things. 

I had read up a bit about Ayurveda and I was looking to try a more holistic approach to getting better. Natural healing is what I sought. The concept of Ayurveda of body energy balance is eye opening to say the least. 

The initial appointment was very helpful and after filling in the requisite form (which asks very interesting questions) we started the Therapy. 

The doctor is very experienced and perceptive and encouraging. Her approach to the treatment is holistic. She takes the time to listen with no hurry. The initial Therapy took 17 days and at the end of it a new me emerged. 

 In a very subtle yet definitive way Ayurveda simply works!! . I am a convert. 

1 month later I am a totally different person. Higher energy levels. Sharp focus. Concentration issues are solved. Insomnia is banished to a distant memory. Joints are getting back to normal.

One has to make certain adjustments to lifestyle choices but these are totally worth it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I would definitely encourage everyone who needs a holistic natural therapy to confidently try Ayurveda. 

Dear Dr Walia, Glad I could share my experience with others and encourage them to walk this new path.

Keep up the good work.


James Maina

Enhancing Immunity with Ayurveda

All of us have our own built in mechanism to protect us from foreign, harmful viruses, bacteria etc. This mechanism is called Immunity.

If our Immune system is strong, it can fight Flu, Corona and other viruses or can heal itself in case of minor injury. It is our inbuilt protection system. Everyone has it but some have strong and some have weakened immunity.
There are multiple reasons for weak immunity.

Some babies are born with weak immunity and if special attention is not paid, they grow up facing digestive issues, catching cold etc. fast and getting sick often that continues as they grow older. Bringing up such babies becomes highly taxing for parents. It is important for wanting to be parents to prepare themselves with Ayurveda guidance to bring a baby with strong immunity into the world. A happy baby is a joy to everyone.

According to Ayurveda, all of us are born with specific constitution, i.e.Vata, Pitta or Kapha or a combination of 2 or 3 dominant Doshas.

Our diet and life style should be according to our Dosha. Deviation from it causes imbalance in Dosha and paves way to toxins (Ama) or free radicals in our body. These imbalances and toxins end up weakening our immune system and open welcoming doors to diseases.

To strengthen our immune system, our diet should be compatible with our Dosha.For example,Vata Dosha dominant people should not be eating dry foods as Vata is drying and with dry foods ,we enhance Vata and bring imbalance.
To stay healthy, all the three Doshas should be balanced.

Our mix of food items should be compatible with each other. Eating incompatible food (Virudh ahar) paves way to toxins, like taking cold soda and ice-cream with or immediately after hot food or a bowl of incompatible fruits.
Eating at the right time of the day is equally important. Food does not get digested if we eat at the Kapha time of the day and undigested food turns into toxins that left for a longer period get imbedded deep into tissues causing diseases.

This is the reason, people at a later age get sicker. It is not the age that makes people sick, it is our long term neglect of our diet , life style and lack of proper exercise that weaken the immune system
Pollutants in the food, environment and our stresses and worries also create toxins.

Ayurveda guides us on the right diet and life style according to our constitution, season, time of the day and the compatible foods. This is the preventive aspect.

Curative aspect is balancing our Doshas and getting rid of accumulated toxins.Ayurveda’s Panchakarma system helps us in expelling the accumulated toxins and balancing our Dosha.
Ayurveda detoxes like Virechna and Basti are for otherwise healthy people to get rid of toxins and balancing the Dosha.

Other Panchakrma therapies like Nasya,Abhyanga,Shirodhara, Katibasti etc.are for where diseases have already seeped in.

Contact us to know your Dosha ,ama, diet, life style specific for you.
Contact: +254 20 2531077/+254 733626045(Whatsapp messages)

Partnership with GA (General Assurance)

GA Insurance Limited is pleased to announce its partnership with Ayurvedic Services Limited (Ayurveda Kenya), to provide alternative medicine in Nairobi payable under outpatient limit.

GA Medical Policy Holders can access the alternative medicine @25 First Parklands Avenue, Nairobi. Tel: +254 20 253 1077.

Ayurvedic Services Limited (Ayurveda Kenya) offers treatments for various diseases like:
ü Gout  Stress  Infertility
ü Arthritis  Diabetes and its  Menstrual  Osteoporosis complications cyclerelated disorders  Spondylitis  Depression  Menopause related  Spine disease  Sinusi tis issues
ü Hypertension  Migraine headaches  Kidney diseases  High cholesterol  Skin disease  Hyperacidity  Obesity  Sex related diseases  Insomnia

Main Exclusion

• Garbha Sanskar
(for couples planning to conceive, to aid natural pain free birth and birth of a healthy baby with enhanced intelligence and senses)
• Rejuvenation and detoxification program
• Stress management program
• Corporate wellness program
• Therapeutic Yoga program for specific diseases

• Claims on reimbursement basis only Promotion up to
• Consultation limited to Ksh 4,000/= 31/12/2021
• Treatment cost payable @80%

Ayurveda is not simply a health care system but a form of lifestyle adopted to maintain perfect balance and harmony within the human existence.

Terms and conditions apply | | 0709 626 000

Review of # detox treatment at #Ayurvedic Services Limited

When I first went in to consult Dr. Walia I was at my wits end. Perennially #fatigued, no appetite, terrible eating habits and feeling bloated and constipated constantly. I also had frequent sugar cravings and had no energy and motivation for anything.

After consultation we decided to begin with the #Panchakama detox program (Virechna) to balance my energies and interestingly just two days in, I began getting increased bowel movements as though my body was happy about the decision and determined to purge the toxins with gusto!

Towards the end of the program till now about 2 Weeks after my purgation, I have the energy of a teenager. My appetite is back, bowel movements regular and no more feeling bloated. When my period came again I was surprised, I wasn’t lethargic as usual but really #energetic and full of life. My colleagues have been asking me where the energy is all coming from as being end of year everyone is tired and just wants to go for Christmas and recharge yet here I am full of energy without having gone on leave.

The icing on the cake is the #weight loss. I was reluctant to weigh in at the end of the program because it was during my period when I would have added weight usually .However to my utter shock and amazement I had lost 7kgs 🤩. I am really grateful to Dr. Walia and her staff for the professional and kind manner they handled me and compared to many other medical professionals who leave one feeling processed.

She really listened to me, understood my issues and I felt that she genuinely cared. She has educated me on #lifestyle choices I needed to make so I don’t end up in the same place and I feel really empowered compared to the helplessness I felt before.

Thank you so much Daktari, I’m so blessed that our paths crossed.

Kind regards,

Anne – Marie December 17th 2020

A Case study on Post Cancer Surgery#

65 years old Joyce had tumors# on her thighs that were identified as Cancerous and were removed surgically followed by Chemotherapy and radiation. She was anemic and had blood transfusion.

That was in 2010.

Ten years later, In January 2020, another growth was removed from stomach to be followed by Chemotherapy. She was weak and was afraid to go through the Chemo again. She also had tumors coming up on both arms. She was not able to digest her food. Immediately after meals, she used to vomit or visit the toilet.

She decided to look for an alternative and visited Ayurvedakenya Clinic on 10th June, 2020.

She still had some minor residues in her stomach. She was constantly coughing, had pain, could not sleep and had to visit the washroom frequently due to the urge to urinate. She had two tumors on both her arms that also required surgery. She had been given different medicines for her cough but nothing had succeeded in reducing the constant cough.

Obviously, her energy level was very low. She was weak and afraid.

At our Clinic, to start with, she was given life style and diet guidance#. She started her 2 therapies from 22nd June. Basti to detox# and Abhyanga# to strengthen her as well as to balance her Dosha. These therapies were for eight days for more than two hours at our Clinic. Rotary Cancer Committee# contributed 50% for her Basti (Detox) therapy.

Next day, she reported having slept better and improved energy. She started showing improvement with each passing day.

Herbal pastes were applied on the tumors on her arms. The small tumor on her left arm subsided very soon. The larger tumor on her right arm started showing signs of shrinking.

She is still under our supervision but has improved considerably. Able to take long walks and deep breathing exercises. She eats well and sleeps for 8 hours. Her cough has almost gone.

Dr. S.Walia
Ph. +254 20 2531077

Experience wellness. Naturally.