Ms.Winnie Imanyara
My experience
My name is Winnie Kathurima- Imanyara. I am married and a mother of three grown up boys plus a beautiful daughter-in-law. I work as a bank director and serve in several boards both as a member and as a Chair in others. My life can therefore get extremely busy.
With this in mind and because I am a Christian who believes our bodies are GOD’s temple and must taken care of, I observe the life style I lead. I have been blessed with good health.

Recently, I sat over lunch with an old friend of mine. She looked so good compared to the last time we met. Her skin was glowing .She was full of energies and happy. I complimented her. Then the story stared.
Rose had just completed her treatment at the Ayurveda centre. She told me the entire story in detail. It is then I decided to take this treatments. To continue feeling good and also as a preventive measures. I know we stop chasing diseases and instead diseases chase us.
I called the doctor and made an appointment.
A young confident and very friendly doctor attended to me. He explained me what is Ayurveda is about, body types and how different we all are, the various treatments, the expected outcome, and finally welcomed me.

Before I started, I Googled ,I spoke to my children – testing, testing. Both the Google search and the children confirmed what the doctor had told me.

Monday morning, I walked into the doctor’s room with confidence ready to look and eel great.
I have gone through three different types of treatments. It is delightful; it is an experience you do not need to explain. People around you start getting the immediately. But watch out, it is inspiring. You get people asking, complimenting and others wanting to do what you have done.

Being of Christian faith, we have a responsibility to ensure our bodies- God’s temple are looked after.

Some of the benefits I got are: Clarity of Mind. This is important in my job and as a leader
Ability to focus better– even with the hustle and bustle of our cities and lives
Lighter and agile
Increase energy
Weight loss
Now I what to eat for my body type and appreciate my food more

I have recommended my friends to try this and my workmates too.
Next time you see your friend looking and feeling great, chances are, they are doing this Ayurvedic treatments. I met so many people that I know this is what they do-how they live their lives.

I have planned for another treatment before close of this year and will have a least two every year God willing.

The staff is awesome. The proprietor is a woman of excellence. She has a character that spells peace and love, always smiling and chatty. A woman with a purpose to promote helath living the way nature meant it to be.
I wish to thank the entire staff and management of this center and encourage more people to try it out.

After all live is not a rehearsal. We live it once, so let us make the best out of it.


Mr.Harry Mugo
I was introduced to this Ayurveda clinic by a Rotarian friend through Sudesh walia, sometime last year.
I had excruciating pain in both knees, lower back due to osteoarthritis and Gout. The pain was bad to an extent, that I was using crutches for walking.

The therapies I have received are unbelievably miraculous. My pain in knee is gone and lower back pain no longer gives me sleepless nights. Dr.Mangesh is a wonderful councilor. I have found a cure to my health problems. I am now more focused, clam and looking brighter on my face.

Congratulation, please keep up the good work. I know now, there are enormous health benefits in Ayurveda and will not hesitate to recommend to others.

Experience wellness. Naturally.