A Case study on Post Cancer Surgery#

65 years old Joyce had tumors# on her thighs that were identified as Cancerous and were removed surgically followed by Chemotherapy and radiation. She was anemic and had blood transfusion.

That was in 2010.

Ten years later, In January 2020, another growth was removed from stomach to be followed by Chemotherapy. She was weak and was afraid to go through the Chemo again. She also had tumors coming up on both arms. She was not able to digest her food. Immediately after meals, she used to vomit or visit the toilet.

She decided to look for an alternative and visited Ayurvedakenya Clinic on 10th June, 2020.

She still had some minor residues in her stomach. She was constantly coughing, had pain, could not sleep and had to visit the washroom frequently due to the urge to urinate. She had two tumors on both her arms that also required surgery. She had been given different medicines for her cough but nothing had succeeded in reducing the constant cough.

Obviously, her energy level was very low. She was weak and afraid.

At our Clinic, to start with, she was given life style and diet guidance#. She started her 2 therapies from 22nd June. Basti to detox# and Abhyanga# to strengthen her as well as to balance her Dosha. These therapies were for eight days for more than two hours at our Clinic. Rotary Cancer Committee# contributed 50% for her Basti (Detox) therapy.

Next day, she reported having slept better and improved energy. She started showing improvement with each passing day.

Herbal pastes were applied on the tumors on her arms. The small tumor on her left arm subsided very soon. The larger tumor on her right arm started showing signs of shrinking.

She is still under our supervision but has improved considerably. Able to take long walks and deep breathing exercises. She eats well and sleeps for 8 hours. Her cough has almost gone.

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