Ayurvedic Health benefit of drinking warm water


Ayurveda has invaluable secrets to perfect health, beauty and balance: Ushnodaka Therapy – the regular habit of drinking warm water throughout the day is one of it.

Water provides a good medium for most of the biological processes that happen in living beings. Drinking warm water strengthens digestion, relieves heartburn, aids weight loss, and eases symptoms of cold, cough, fevers and detoxs the body. The stronger the digestive fire, the stronger the mental and physical stamina, the stronger the immune system, the stronger the health and the brighter the glow of the skin.

Dehydration or loss of water from body causes dry skin, lowered energy, muscle cramps, reduced alertness and affects vital organs.

How to boil drinking water
Boil a sufficient amount of un-chlorinated tap water or (still) mineral water in an open saucepan, for at least ten minutes. Keep this water in a thermos flask and take a few sips (or more, if you are thirsty) every half-hour throughout the day.

Better to avoid heating your water in the microwave. The high energy & irregular heating creates excess vata (irregular, high activity) in the water that can disturb your dosha balance.

Boiled water can be used throughout the day but should not be saved overnight, since its therapeutic properties expire.

Do not use warm water in case of intoxication of alcohol, fatigue, giddiness, nausea, poisoning and too much thirst.

Do not drink the hot water every half hour after 6 PM, may
increases urine frequency at night.

Article by Dr. Mangesh Mudgal for Ayurvedic Services Center.