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“Mercy Barasa has sent the below testimony , almost after 8-9 months of her treatment at our Panchakarma Center in Nairobi. Kenya. I have decided to post it as it is without converting it into a story. Though ,it would make an interesting story to read but I would like the readers to have the testimony from the beneficiary ,i.e., Mercy Barasa.”

Good Day. How are you? I had written the below earlier and not shared. I hope you can put it into prose or a story as I have just listed the health issues I had and the benefits I got after the therapy….


Health issues prior to Ayurveda 

1. Doing so much and not achieving the goals. Being overwhelmed with work, home and life.

2. Lack of sleep

3. General exhaustion/ lethargy 

4. Poor appetite 

5. Poor digestion

6. Stomach pains and bloating

7. Constipation

8. Megaloblastic anaemia

9. Dry eyes

10. Balding

11. Greying hair

12. Constant blocked nose with thick yellow  mucous with flu like symptoms 

13. Unexplained cough

14. Blocked ears

15. ⁠Low Haemoglobin 

16. Weak nails 

After Ayurveda 

1. Sleeping well

2. Great appetite 

3. Regular bowel movement 

4. Able to focus and achieve my daily goals

5. Clarity of mind and decision making process

6. Feeling lighter and no stomach issues

7. Flu like symptoms are gone, no more coughs or blocked ears.

8. Better mood and not irritable 

9. ⁠Normal Haemoglobin levels

10. ⁠Strong nails

Thank you Dr. Walia at Ayurvedakenya, Nairobi. Thank you for helping me so much.

Mercy Barasa

Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and the spinal cord (central nervous system).

In MS, the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problem between the brain and the body.

There is no cure for the disease though there are treatments available to help speed up the recovery from attacks, modify the course of the disease and manage symptoms.

According to Ayurveda it’s a Sannipata disease where all the Tridoshas are vitiated causing interruption between Rasa Vaha and Majja vaha strotas. Strotas are the channels of the network of the functional pathways in the body. Interruption in the strotas causes ill health. Many diseases are caused by these blockages, e.g., High or Low Blood pressure, breathing problems, abnormal heart rhythm, lethargy, mental confusion, pains, swellings, skin issues etc. Accumulated toxins also play an important role in weakening the immune system.

All forms of this condition reflect typical ama pathology. As ama accumulates in the body it migrates through the blood circulation (pitta & kapha in Rasa & Rakta dhatu / strotams) and is deposited in various locations of the body. Once ama is deposited in a dhatu it begins to attack the tissue or it provides an environment favorable for viral or bacterial growth. This sticky ama can also cause inflammation of the tissue that it is attached to – either with or without bacterial infection. This occurs because ama is attached to the nerve tissue and the immune response tries to remove it. This results in the immunity attacking the nerve tissue which has difficulty to separate from the ama that has attached to the myelin sheath.

Ayurveda starts with the diet and lifestyle modification where a disease has occurred.

 Dincharya (daily routine)

a. Wake up, go to toilet Drink warm water either before or after the toilet visit.

b. Apply a thin layer of sesame oil all over your body. Avoid putting it on your head and hair. Dress in comfortable clothes.  Have a hot shower – dress to stay warm.

c. Put 1 or 2 drops of sesame oil in each nostril. Allow the oil to move to the back of the throat then blow your nose and remove all fluids.

d. Have a hot drink (ginger tea, etc.)

e. Do 10 minutes of alternate nostril breathing (Pranayam, Anulom Vilom)

f. Diet should be nourishing but simple

g .Eat breakfast – warm food in small amounts if not hungry. Warm food in larger amounts if hungry.

h. Go to work or other daily activity.

i. Mid-day – Eat lunch, warm food. Avoid cold raw foods as the only lunch. This should be a main meal in your day. Take at least 30 to 60 minutes break at mid-day.

j. Continue with your work or other daily activity.

k. Have a hot drink in the late afternoon (4.00 p.m.). Avoid sweets in any form.

l. Eat the evening meal earlier rather than later. You need to have 3 hours of time to digest your dinner before going to sleep. Avoid heavy foods and dairy products. This will give more energy in the morning. Eating earlier in the evening and allowing more time to digest will help stabilize the energy levels and reduce fatigue. Eat enough that you are not hungry later but not too much that you feel heavy.

m. Eat lighter than at mid-day. NO desert or snacks after eating. If there is a craving for sweets, sit for 10 minutes and repeat the breathing exercise.

0. Be in bed by 10.00 p.m.

Dietary considerations

The basic starting point is to increase immunity & ability to digest and assimilate the food.

Regular meal timings are very important. Discipline in daily routine helps which means” Meal and Sleep” timings to be established and followed. Early to bed and early to rise is the best for Sleep discipline.


 Animal products and stimulants (coffee, alcohol), aerated drinks.

Acidic Food like Fatty & fried food and high protein diet. Fermented foods inclusive of bakery.

High sodium foods like sea foods, pickles etc. Processed foods, Stale food  

 All sweet carbonated beverages

 Smoking cigarettes. All forms of alcohol.

 Eating between meals, sweets and chocolate.


 Use ginger tea plus digestive spices to increase Agni (digestive capacity).

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13th May, 2021

My name is James Maina.

I came to the Ayurveda Clinic having a number of issues. Mostly draining fatigue lack of focus… Foggy brain… Insomnia. Aching joints and a host of other things. 

I had read up a bit about Ayurveda and I was looking to try a more holistic approach to getting better. Natural healing is what I sought. The concept of Ayurveda of body energy balance is eye opening to say the least. 

The initial appointment was very helpful and after filling in the requisite form (which asks very interesting questions) we started the Therapy. 

The doctor is very experienced and perceptive and encouraging. Her approach to the treatment is holistic. She takes the time to listen with no hurry. The initial Therapy took 17 days and at the end of it a new me emerged. 

 In a very subtle yet definitive way Ayurveda simply works!! . I am a convert. 

1 month later I am a totally different person. Higher energy levels. Sharp focus. Concentration issues are solved. Insomnia is banished to a distant memory. Joints are getting back to normal.

One has to make certain adjustments to lifestyle choices but these are totally worth it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I would definitely encourage everyone who needs a holistic natural therapy to confidently try Ayurveda. 

Dear Dr Walia, Glad I could share my experience with others and encourage them to walk this new path.

Keep up the good work.


James Maina

Enhancing Immunity with Ayurveda

All of us have our own built in mechanism to protect us from foreign, harmful viruses, bacteria etc. This mechanism is called Immunity.

If our Immune system is strong, it can fight Flu, Corona and other viruses or can heal itself in case of minor injury. It is our inbuilt protection system. Everyone has it but some have strong and some have weakened immunity.
There are multiple reasons for weak immunity.

Some babies are born with weak immunity and if special attention is not paid, they grow up facing digestive issues, catching cold etc. fast and getting sick often that continues as they grow older. Bringing up such babies becomes highly taxing for parents. It is important for wanting to be parents to prepare themselves with Ayurveda guidance to bring a baby with strong immunity into the world. A happy baby is a joy to everyone.

According to Ayurveda, all of us are born with specific constitution, i.e.Vata, Pitta or Kapha or a combination of 2 or 3 dominant Doshas.

Our diet and life style should be according to our Dosha. Deviation from it causes imbalance in Dosha and paves way to toxins (Ama) or free radicals in our body. These imbalances and toxins end up weakening our immune system and open welcoming doors to diseases.

To strengthen our immune system, our diet should be compatible with our Dosha.For example,Vata Dosha dominant people should not be eating dry foods as Vata is drying and with dry foods ,we enhance Vata and bring imbalance.
To stay healthy, all the three Doshas should be balanced.

Our mix of food items should be compatible with each other. Eating incompatible food (Virudh ahar) paves way to toxins, like taking cold soda and ice-cream with or immediately after hot food or a bowl of incompatible fruits.
Eating at the right time of the day is equally important. Food does not get digested if we eat at the Kapha time of the day and undigested food turns into toxins that left for a longer period get imbedded deep into tissues causing diseases.

This is the reason, people at a later age get sicker. It is not the age that makes people sick, it is our long term neglect of our diet , life style and lack of proper exercise that weaken the immune system
Pollutants in the food, environment and our stresses and worries also create toxins.

Ayurveda guides us on the right diet and life style according to our constitution, season, time of the day and the compatible foods. This is the preventive aspect.

Curative aspect is balancing our Doshas and getting rid of accumulated toxins.Ayurveda’s Panchakarma system helps us in expelling the accumulated toxins and balancing our Dosha.
Ayurveda detoxes like Virechna and Basti are for otherwise healthy people to get rid of toxins and balancing the Dosha.

Other Panchakrma therapies like Nasya,Abhyanga,Shirodhara, Katibasti etc.are for where diseases have already seeped in.

Contact us to know your Dosha ,ama, diet, life style specific for you.
Contact: +254 20 2531077/+254 733626045(Whatsapp messages)

Partnership with GA (General Assurance)

GA Insurance Limited is pleased to announce its partnership with Ayurvedic Services Limited (Ayurveda Kenya), to provide alternative medicine in Nairobi payable under outpatient limit.

GA Medical Policy Holders can access the alternative medicine @25 First Parklands Avenue, Nairobi. Tel: +254 20 253 1077.

Ayurvedic Services Limited (Ayurveda Kenya) offers treatments for various diseases like:
ü Gout  Stress  Infertility
ü Arthritis  Diabetes and its  Menstrual  Osteoporosis complications cyclerelated disorders  Spondylitis  Depression  Menopause related  Spine disease  Sinusi tis issues
ü Hypertension  Migraine headaches  Kidney diseases  High cholesterol  Skin disease  Hyperacidity  Obesity  Sex related diseases  Insomnia

Main Exclusion

• Garbha Sanskar
(for couples planning to conceive, to aid natural pain free birth and birth of a healthy baby with enhanced intelligence and senses)
• Rejuvenation and detoxification program
• Stress management program
• Corporate wellness program
• Therapeutic Yoga program for specific diseases

• Claims on reimbursement basis only Promotion up to
• Consultation limited to Ksh 4,000/= 31/12/2021
• Treatment cost payable @80%

Ayurveda is not simply a health care system but a form of lifestyle adopted to maintain perfect balance and harmony within the human existence.

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