Enhancing Immunity with Ayurveda

All of us have our own built in mechanism to protect us from foreign, harmful viruses, bacteria etc. This mechanism is called Immunity.

If our Immune system is strong, it can fight Flu, Corona and other viruses or can heal itself in case of minor injury. It is our inbuilt protection system. Everyone has it but some have strong and some have weakened immunity.
There are multiple reasons for weak immunity.

Some babies are born with weak immunity and if special attention is not paid, they grow up facing digestive issues, catching cold etc. fast and getting sick often that continues as they grow older. Bringing up such babies becomes highly taxing for parents. It is important for wanting to be parents to prepare themselves with Ayurveda guidance to bring a baby with strong immunity into the world. A happy baby is a joy to everyone.

According to Ayurveda, all of us are born with specific constitution, i.e.Vata, Pitta or Kapha or a combination of 2 or 3 dominant Doshas.

Our diet and life style should be according to our Dosha. Deviation from it causes imbalance in Dosha and paves way to toxins (Ama) or free radicals in our body. These imbalances and toxins end up weakening our immune system and open welcoming doors to diseases.

To strengthen our immune system, our diet should be compatible with our Dosha.For example,Vata Dosha dominant people should not be eating dry foods as Vata is drying and with dry foods ,we enhance Vata and bring imbalance.
To stay healthy, all the three Doshas should be balanced.

Our mix of food items should be compatible with each other. Eating incompatible food (Virudh ahar) paves way to toxins, like taking cold soda and ice-cream with or immediately after hot food or a bowl of incompatible fruits.
Eating at the right time of the day is equally important. Food does not get digested if we eat at the Kapha time of the day and undigested food turns into toxins that left for a longer period get imbedded deep into tissues causing diseases.

This is the reason, people at a later age get sicker. It is not the age that makes people sick, it is our long term neglect of our diet , life style and lack of proper exercise that weaken the immune system
Pollutants in the food, environment and our stresses and worries also create toxins.

Ayurveda guides us on the right diet and life style according to our constitution, season, time of the day and the compatible foods. This is the preventive aspect.

Curative aspect is balancing our Doshas and getting rid of accumulated toxins.Ayurveda’s Panchakarma system helps us in expelling the accumulated toxins and balancing our Dosha.
Ayurveda detoxes like Virechna and Basti are for otherwise healthy people to get rid of toxins and balancing the Dosha.

Other Panchakrma therapies like Nasya,Abhyanga,Shirodhara, Katibasti etc.are for where diseases have already seeped in.

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