13th May, 2021

My name is James Maina.

I came to the Ayurveda Clinic having a number of issues. Mostly draining fatigue lack of focus… Foggy brain… Insomnia. Aching joints and a host of other things. 

I had read up a bit about Ayurveda and I was looking to try a more holistic approach to getting better. Natural healing is what I sought. The concept of Ayurveda of body energy balance is eye opening to say the least. 

The initial appointment was very helpful and after filling in the requisite form (which asks very interesting questions) we started the Therapy. 

The doctor is very experienced and perceptive and encouraging. Her approach to the treatment is holistic. She takes the time to listen with no hurry. The initial Therapy took 17 days and at the end of it a new me emerged. 

 In a very subtle yet definitive way Ayurveda simply works!! . I am a convert. 

1 month later I am a totally different person. Higher energy levels. Sharp focus. Concentration issues are solved. Insomnia is banished to a distant memory. Joints are getting back to normal.

One has to make certain adjustments to lifestyle choices but these are totally worth it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I would definitely encourage everyone who needs a holistic natural therapy to confidently try Ayurveda. 

Dear Dr Walia, Glad I could share my experience with others and encourage them to walk this new path.

Keep up the good work.


James Maina