GA is the first Kenyan Insurance Company to recognize Ayurvedakenya

GA Insurance Limited is pleased to announce its partnership with Ayurvedic Services Limited (Ayurveda Kenya), providing alternative health service for the past 11 years in Nairobi. Our existing as well as the Medical Policy Holders can avail the alternative medicine through Ayurvedic Services Ltd. Nairobi, Kenya @ 25 First Parklands Avenue, Nairobi. Contact our Medical Insurance Department for more details.
GA is one of the oldest insurance companies operating in Kenya specializing in all classes of general and medical insurance. Having its parentage from General Accident UK, it was incorporated as Kenyan Insurance Company in 1979. Enjoying its presence for over 60 years, brand GA has earned its standing as one of the most reputable insurance companies in Kenya.

The company’s premium income has grown manifolds to Kshs 6,043 Million (about USD 60.4M) in 2018 from Kshs 554Million (USD 5.5M) in the year 2006.

GA has a balanced business portfolio with high capacities to underwrite Property, Engineering, Marine, Liability and Aviation insurances. We also underwrite tailor made Medical Insurances.
GA remains sensitive to the society and has chosen Education, Water and Environment as focus area of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

In June 2013, GA launched a new subsidiary company ‘GA Life Assurance Limited’, which is now fully operational for Life Insurance and Retirement Benefit solutions.

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