Health and Beauty for the Bride and Groom

Ayurveda is a safe, natural, gentle, and time-tested scientific approach to detox, repair and rejuvenate the Cells.

Ayurveda system is rooted in a practical understanding of the body intelligence that nature has already built into your body and life.

It is a sustainable and scientific system that is based on your unique nature and needs.

15 days package for health and beauty for the bride and groom
For healthy young or not so young adults striving for a life full of positive energy

1. Daily consultation with our Ayurveda Doctor
2. Daily Pulse reading
3. 7 days internal oleation (The foods that are consumed are not enough to lubricate the internal system. These seven days will provide that lubrication to help you in maintaining good health, in particular the health of the joints)
4. 7 days Ayurveda facial
5. Head to toe skin cleansing and polishing
6. 7 days head to toe body massage
7. Detox of the whole system
8. Diet guidance according to your Ayurveda constitution
9. Yoga guidance to maintain a healthy body and mind
10. Guidance in life style modification suited for your specific constitution
11. Ayurveda cream to apply to keep your facial skin healthy and blemish free

What would this program tell you about yourself?

1. Your ayurvedic genetic code (your doshas)
2. Identify the excess of Ama (digestive toxins)
3. The Dosha or Doshic combination that Ama is disrupting in you(imbalances in your inherent dosha)
What will this program achieve for you during and after the 15 days?
1. A radiant ,shining skin that lasts a long time
2. Detoxification of your body system which means the toxins built up over the years are expelled. These are the toxins that over time start changing your body system and give birth to many ailments that you may face with age.
3. Rejuvenation of the damaged cells through repair and thus prevent aging. Ayurveda is the only system that has the capacity to reverse the aging of the human body and mind.
4. Tighten the skin and muscles giving the face and body its natural contours
5. Shed unhealthy extra fat
6. Reduce weight
7. Calm and relaxed body and mind
8. Calm and stabilized energy and mood
9. Mind that feels alert and clear
10. Better focus and concentration
11. A spirit full of energy and positive thoughts
12. Dispel pre wedding jitters
13. Strengthen you to face the life’s challenges with a positive frame of mind
14. Increased vitality
15. Strengthen your body to enjoy your sex life
16. Internal as well as external cleansing
17. Restore your digestive intelligence
18. Correct Doshic disturbances in the gut
19. Help in healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
20. Enable you to eat foods without feeing bloated and nauseating
21. Regularize Elimination
22. Fresh mouth and breath

Cost Kes.120, 000.00 per person.