GALLSTONE: Successful management with Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda Gallstone is known as PRATISHYAYA mainly due to vitiation of DOSHAS (Vata, Pitta & Kapha). 

CASE STUDY:  A 35 Yr old male patient known case of Gallstone 9mm and Fatty liver, came with symptom of:

  1. Pain in abdomen, upper right side for last 4 days;

Associated symptoms  –
– Hyperacidity
– Indigestion
– Over weight
– Pain in both knee joints

History of present illness-
Patient was completely asymptomatic before 4 days.  Suddenly while doing exercise he developed sever abdominal pain for which he went to see the doctor. After ultra sonography ,he was diagnosed as the case of Gallstone of 9mm ,for this he was suggested surgery. Patient decided to seek second opinion and medical health form  Ayurveda before going for surgery.

Drug History- Buscopan B.D, RantacB.D

Family History-

Wt-116.4 kg       BMI-38.54   B.P-130/96 mmhg            Pulse- 80/min    R/R-20
Jivha-sam             Mala-P         Mutra-P              Nidra-P          Nadi-Pk

Physical examination-
Tenderness in upper Rt side of the abdomen.
Investigation –   USG abdomen – 25.9.2010
Result-The gallbladder has Gallstone measuring 9mm in diameter (cholelithiasis without cholecystits )
Fatty liver

Treatment –

  • Ayurvedic oral medication was given for 3 days before starting purgation therapy (Virechana)
  • Internal oliation was given for 7 days followed by purgation on 11th day of the therapy.
  • Pain in the abdomen had started reducing form the 2nd day and completely gone after 4th day of internal oliation (shenapana). Patient became completely asymptomatic after 11th day of the therapy.
  • After purgation therapy Ayurvedic oral medications for 15 days were prescribed.
  • Again USG abdomen was taken on 26.10.2010


Result: No gallstone seen. The Liver is normal.

 Surgery for Gallstone and consequences after surgery can be avoided very easily and effectively  with the Ayurvedic treatments. Treatment also prevents reoccurrence of gallstones.