OSTEOARTHRITIS: Successful management with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda offers safe and effective treatment alternatives for Osteoarthritis.  Through the alternative herbal medicine prescribed in Ayurveda, the plants used have documented anti-inflammatory properties without the side effects of commonly prescribed medications. 

CASE STUDY: A 65-year old female patient, known case of multiple joint osteoarthritis came with complaints of:

  1. Excruciating  lower back pain – On and off, since 20 yrs
  2. Pain radiates form lower back in the right leg sometimes left leg
  3. Pain in both knee joints
  4. Pain in both wrist joints
  5. Pain in both ankles
  6. Pain at the back of the neck
  7. Early morning stiffness in all joints
  8. Dizziness followed by vomiting
  9. Headaches

Associated symptoms

  • Breathless after brisk walk or climbing stairs
  • Tremors in body, especially in head
  • Very low energy levels

History of present illness- Patient had been suffering on and off from above complaints since 20 yrs for which she had been taking allopathic medication. In spite of this, her condition was deteriorating day-by-day and been told: ‘She has to live with it.’

Family History- Mother had osteoarthritis

Drug History- Glucosamine, Deslarwadine 5mg, Diclomal

After clinical examination and X rays, diagnosis was confirmed as
Osteoarthritis of multiple joints, Sciatica

Before starting treatment, to analysis pain RONALDS AND MORRIS (RM Q)- QUESTIONNARE which is use to analysis severity of lower back pain and NECK PAIN DISABILITY INDEX QUESTIONARY  (NPDIQ) – for neck pain were taken.

Scores were- RMQ- 12   out of 24   &     NPDIQ- 56 % disability


Depending upon condition of the patient and disease, Medicated Enema ( Basti therapy ) for 8 days and Heat therapy for 7 days for lower back was given followed by oral medication and specific diet for 15 days .

With in period of 21 day Pain in both wrist joints and both Ankle joints was gone completely. No headache, Vomiting and dizziness.
Pain in both knee joints also went down. No Radiating pain form lower back in the legs. Pain at upper back has also reduced remarkably.

Again pain analysis was done – scores were
Lower back pain-RMQ- 1    and Neck pain -NPDIQ- 13 % disability

Patient was called for 6 consecutive follow ups. After a gap of 3 months Medicated enema stage-II and nasal drop therapy for 8 days were given.
Again   RMQ and NPDIQ were taken and scores were-
RMQ- 0   and   NPDIQ- 2%

Patient was free from all her symptoms. And now returned to  work in her  farm after 10 yrs. which she had stopped before because of sever osteoarthritis.

Conclusion: A crippling disease like Osteoarthritis can be easily treated effectively with comprehensive approach of Ayurvedic Therapies, Oral medication, Diet and exercise.