Abnormal cholesterol level—that is,higher concentrations of LDL (Bad cholesterol) and lower concentrations of HDL (Good cholesterol)—are strongly associated with cardiovascular disease like, Heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease.
As per Ayurvedic science unhealthy life style, improper diet and lack of physical exertion are among the major causative factors for abnormal cholesterol levels.
Case study-
A female patient known case of High cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes and obesity came with complaints of-
Uncontrolled high levels of cholesterol
Over weight
Swelling over both legs               – Sever breathlessness after brisk walk
Uncontrolled blood pressure  -Generalized weakness
Hyper acidity                                    – Indigestion
Palpitation                                          -Headaches
Dizziness                                             -Disturbed sleep

History of present illness
Patient had been suffering from above complaint for the last 3-4 yrs. Initially patient was kept on normal dosage of anti cholesterol medicine, to which she did not respond, doctor increased her medicines to max dosages. As patient was not responding to even higher dosage and being aware of adverse effects of these medications, she decided to take a second opinion and look into some different options.
Laboratory Investigations

Tests          Before Therapy        Normal range           After Therapy
HDL            2.31 mmol/L  N          1.68                               1.70 mmol/L
LDL             5.78 mmol/L            3.88                               2.5 mmol/L      N
TOTAL       9.35 mmol/L  H           5.17                               4.56 mmol/L   N
Triglycerides 2.76 mmol/L H     1.7                                  1.78 mmol/L   N

Keeping the severity of the disease in mind, specific Medicated enema therapy for 8 days was given, followed by Purgation therapy .Again lipid profile investigation was done; which has shown very promising results.
Symptoms like, swelling over both legs, Sever breathlessness after brisk walk, generalized weakness, Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Palpitation, Headaches, Dizziness, Disturbed sleep, disappeared completely during therapies. For the last 1 yr patient is maintaining normal cholesterol levels without taking any medication.
The three-fold approach of Ayurvedic science has prevented the onset of cardiovascular disorders, cured the disease and rejuvenated her whole body system. Like this, many other patients are getting benefits from our treatments.

Dr.Mangesh Mudgal
Resident doctor at Ayurveda Kenya