Osteoporosis meaning porous bones, a disease of bones leads to an increased risk of fracture. In osteoporosis the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced, bone micro architecture deteriorates, and the amount and variety of proteins in bone is altered.

In Ayurveda osteoporosis is called as Asthishaya ( Asthi= bone and shaya= decrease) .i.e the condition in which there is decrease in bone tissue (Asthi dhatu) ,leading to undesirable effects.
Risk of osteoporosis can be avoided and can be cured in people with osteoporosis, with Ayurvedic treatments, which includes- Avoiding etiological factors, Proper diet, Panchakarma treatment, Oral medications and Rejuvenation.


A 65 Yrs old female patient came with complaints of, Lower back pain, Sometimes pain in Hip joints, Ribs Tremors in hands, Generalized weakness ,Indigestion, Skin rashes over lower extremities and Intermediately mild to moderate fever.
Osteoporosis itself has no specific symptoms; its main consequence is the increased risk of bone fractures. In this patient above symptoms were the results of inflamed joint capsules.
History of present illness– Patient had been suffering from Osteoporosis since 2008, while doing annual routine checkup Doctor had discovered osteoporotic changes in her Lumbar spine, Upper end of tibia (left) and patella (Knee cap).As patient was aware of conventional medicine treatments and consequences of the disease, she had decided to go for Ayurvedic treatments.
Lab tests- Bone mineral density test (BMD)–June 2008
Result Osteoporotic changes seen in lumbar spine, Upper end of the Left Tibia and patella.

Diagnosis– Osteoporosis

Treatment Given – Keeping disease condition in mind specific, medicated Enema (Basti) for 8 days was given, followed by oral medication for 1yr, Diet according to body type and Yoga.
Symptoms like Lower back pain, pain in Hip joint, Ribs Tremors in hands, generalized weakness and Indigestion went after couple of weeks of treatment. Again BMD was taken in Dec.2011 and the results were promising BMD was completely normal. Osteoporosis had been cured completely with Ayurvedic treatments.

Dr. Mangesh Mudgal
Resident doctor at Ayurveda Kenya