Testimony on recovery from an attack of Multiple Sclerosis

Lilian suffered a severe Multiple Sclerosis # attack and was flown overseas for treatment. On her return, she was brought to our Ayurveda Clinic for Panchakarma# therapies to expedite the recovery. We started with Deep Tissue Tissue Detox# and continued so that her muscle and nervous system can be healed and strengthened.

Today she is back to her normal, confident self, able to drive to work and to our Clinic etc.

We are continuing with Udvartana to break the cellulite to reduce weight# and Shirodhara# for her Central Nervous System.

She is energetic, sleeps well and eats well Her family is happy with the recovery through Ayurveda Panchakarma# therapies.

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“ I started Ayurveda with concerns of weakness of muscle ,lack of strength caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

It helped me regain my strength and energy after doing Virechna#, Basti# and Potli massage# therapies all done at the Ayurvedic Services Clinic.

I am continuing with Udvartana# to break the Cellulite# and help me lose weight# though I have already lost weight after previous therapies.

I am continuing with Shirodhara # for the nervous system and to strengthen my brain cells.