“Mercy Barasa has sent the below testimony , almost after 8-9 months of her treatment at our Panchakarma Center in Nairobi. Kenya. I have decided to post it as it is without converting it into a story. Though ,it would make an interesting story to read but I would like the readers to have the testimony from the beneficiary ,i.e., Mercy Barasa.”

Good Day. How are you? I had written the below earlier and not shared. I hope you can put it into prose or a story as I have just listed the health issues I had and the benefits I got after the therapy….


Health issues prior to Ayurveda 

1. Doing so much and not achieving the goals. Being overwhelmed with work, home and life.

2. Lack of sleep

3. General exhaustion/ lethargy 

4. Poor appetite 

5. Poor digestion

6. Stomach pains and bloating

7. Constipation

8. Megaloblastic anaemia

9. Dry eyes

10. Balding

11. Greying hair

12. Constant blocked nose with thick yellow  mucous with flu like symptoms 

13. Unexplained cough

14. Blocked ears

15. ⁠Low Haemoglobin 

16. Weak nails 

After Ayurveda 

1. Sleeping well

2. Great appetite 

3. Regular bowel movement 

4. Able to focus and achieve my daily goals

5. Clarity of mind and decision making process

6. Feeling lighter and no stomach issues

7. Flu like symptoms are gone, no more coughs or blocked ears.

8. Better mood and not irritable 

9. ⁠Normal Haemoglobin levels

10. ⁠Strong nails

Thank you Dr. Walia at Ayurvedakenya, Nairobi. Thank you for helping me so much.

Mercy Barasa