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“Mercy Barasa has sent the below testimony , almost after 8-9 months of her treatment at our Panchakarma Center in Nairobi. Kenya. I have decided to post it as it is without converting it into a story. Though ,it would make an interesting story to read but I would like the readers to have the testimony from the beneficiary ,i.e., Mercy Barasa.”

Good Day. How are you? I had written the below earlier and not shared. I hope you can put it into prose or a story as I have just listed the health issues I had and the benefits I got after the therapy….


Health issues prior to Ayurveda 

1. Doing so much and not achieving the goals. Being overwhelmed with work, home and life.

2. Lack of sleep

3. General exhaustion/ lethargy 

4. Poor appetite 

5. Poor digestion

6. Stomach pains and bloating

7. Constipation

8. Megaloblastic anaemia

9. Dry eyes

10. Balding

11. Greying hair

12. Constant blocked nose with thick yellow  mucous with flu like symptoms 

13. Unexplained cough

14. Blocked ears

15. ⁠Low Haemoglobin 

16. Weak nails 

After Ayurveda 

1. Sleeping well

2. Great appetite 

3. Regular bowel movement 

4. Able to focus and achieve my daily goals

5. Clarity of mind and decision making process

6. Feeling lighter and no stomach issues

7. Flu like symptoms are gone, no more coughs or blocked ears.

8. Better mood and not irritable 

9. ⁠Normal Haemoglobin levels

10. ⁠Strong nails

Thank you Dr. Walia at Ayurvedakenya, Nairobi. Thank you for helping me so much.

Mercy Barasa

Testimony on recovery from an attack of Multiple Sclerosis

Lilian suffered a severe Multiple Sclerosis # attack and was flown overseas for treatment. On her return, she was brought to our Ayurveda Clinic for Panchakarma# therapies to expedite the recovery. We started with Deep Tissue Tissue Detox# and continued so that her muscle and nervous system can be healed and strengthened.

Today she is back to her normal, confident self, able to drive to work and to our Clinic etc.

We are continuing with Udvartana to break the cellulite to reduce weight# and Shirodhara# for her Central Nervous System.

She is energetic, sleeps well and eats well Her family is happy with the recovery through Ayurveda Panchakarma# therapies. : Facebook:ayurvedakenya: Whatsapp:+254733626045(send text message and you will receive the response as soon as possible)

“ I started Ayurveda with concerns of weakness of muscle ,lack of strength caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

It helped me regain my strength and energy after doing Virechna#, Basti# and Potli massage# therapies all done at the Ayurvedic Services Clinic.

I am continuing with Udvartana# to break the Cellulite# and help me lose weight# though I have already lost weight after previous therapies.

I am continuing with Shirodhara # for the nervous system and to strengthen my brain cells.



Review of # detox treatment at #Ayurvedic Services Limited

When I first went in to consult Dr. Walia I was at my wits end. Perennially #fatigued, no appetite, terrible eating habits and feeling bloated and constipated constantly. I also had frequent sugar cravings and had no energy and motivation for anything.

After consultation we decided to begin with the #Panchakama detox program (Virechna) to balance my energies and interestingly just two days in, I began getting increased bowel movements as though my body was happy about the decision and determined to purge the toxins with gusto!

Towards the end of the program till now about 2 Weeks after my purgation, I have the energy of a teenager. My appetite is back, bowel movements regular and no more feeling bloated. When my period came again I was surprised, I wasn’t lethargic as usual but really #energetic and full of life. My colleagues have been asking me where the energy is all coming from as being end of year everyone is tired and just wants to go for Christmas and recharge yet here I am full of energy without having gone on leave.

The icing on the cake is the #weight loss. I was reluctant to weigh in at the end of the program because it was during my period when I would have added weight usually .However to my utter shock and amazement I had lost 7kgs 🤩. I am really grateful to Dr. Walia and her staff for the professional and kind manner they handled me and compared to many other medical professionals who leave one feeling processed.

She really listened to me, understood my issues and I felt that she genuinely cared. She has educated me on #lifestyle choices I needed to make so I don’t end up in the same place and I feel really empowered compared to the helplessness I felt before.

Thank you so much Daktari, I’m so blessed that our paths crossed.

Kind regards,

Anne – Marie December 17th 2020